Dealing with the ATO in this Digital Age…….

Sometimes there can be some confusion regarding access to the Government at an electronic level.  So here, we have put together a summary of hints to help you on your way, in order to face the digital world we now live in:

For Individuals (including Sole Trader's)……



A myGov Account allows you to have access to Government Online Services with a single login / password setup.  Once you create a myGov account for yourself, you can then link various Government agencies and be able to access these, all from the one login.  Some of the agencies that you can link include: Centrelink / Medicare / ATO / My Health Record / NDIS / Veterans Affairs….and more.


With a myGov account, you have a single Inbox, where all your linked agencies will send you letters, statements etc.


You can Create a myGov account, or login to your myGov account here.  Remember, having a myGov account is at the individual level.  You cannot have a single myGov account for couples / families etc, rather, one account per person.


Once you have created the myGov account, you will then be able to link whichever Government agency you prefer – all from within the account itself.


There is a very informative Video Tutorial which can assist you with the specific steps of creating your myGov account here.


If you have any questions regarding these steps, or need assistance – Wright Partners is available to help.  Simply give us a call.