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Client Alert for October 2012

New company loss carry-back regime
The Government intends to introduce a company loss carry-back regime and has released draft legislation for public consultation.

Under the proposal, which will have effect from 1 July 2012, companies will be able to carry back up to $1 million worth of losses to obtain a refund of tax paid in the previous year. From 1 July 2013, companies will be able to carry back up to $1 million worth of losses against tax paid up to two years earlier.
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Client Alert for September 2012

Company tax rate cut comes with compromises
The Government's Business Tax Working Group has recently released a discussion paper highlighting a number of possible ways in which a company tax rate cut could be funded from within the business tax system.
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Client Alert for August 2012

ATO data-matching programs
The ATO has revealed details of two new data-matching programs aimed at identifying tax non-compliance. These will affect individual taxpayers.The ATO has advised that it will collect share transaction details from various organisations relating to securities held in ASX-listed entities. The details will be electronically matched with ATO data holdings. Areas of concern for the ATO include incorrect compliance with capital gains tax, income tax and GST obligations. The ATO said around 1.2 million individuals will be affected by the program.
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